AAMVA International Conference 2018

Veridos will be present at this year's conference in Philadelphia, PA

Veridos will participate in the AAMVA 2018 Annual International Conference from August 21 to 23, booth 805/806. The conference showcases the latest trends in the motor vehicle and law enforcement community, providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge. This year’s sessions will cover a wide variety of topics and Veridos will be present showcasing its advanced driver's license solutions.


At this year’s conference Veridos will present two of its end-to-end solutions: secure ID documents and innovative mobile solutions:

Mobile driver's license - for ease, security and efficiency

The pace at which technology is evolving means that issuers have to create a comprehensive driver’s license modernization program that meets the next generation of identification requirements. It is vital that issuing authorities keep abreast of developments as a failure to do so, for example due to uneconomical processes, will in fact also impact and possibly hinder the growth of our society. Smartphones and mobile devices are already at the heart of human life in every corner of the globe. Leveraging these technologies by integrating them into existing driver’s license processes poses a challenge. However, it is certainly a worthwhile venture given the possible returns.

VeriGO® DriveID ensures the integrity and security of the driver’s personal data at all times. With license holders’ data stored on an official database, the data displayed on the mobile driver’s license app is guaranteed to always be up to date.


Driver’s license solutions - enhancing security and acceptance

Today’s driver’s licenses represent more than just the physical proof of the qualification to operate a motor vehicle. In many countries driver’s licenses also serve as a primary government-issued form of identification and age verification. As such, any forgery of a driver’s license must be understood as a significant criminal act. Advanced security features are a straightforward way to enhance public trust in the credibility of these everyday documents. 

Visit www.veridos.com/aamva-international-conference-2018 to learn more about Veridos's participation.