ePassports, jobs, infrastructure: Bangladesh’s route to the future

Innovative, locally produced ePassports, own production sites and state-of-the-art ID and border control infrastructure

Using a passport is essential for secure traveling. Modern travel documents are expected to thread the needle: They must enable secure and reliable yet also convenient and efficient border-crossing. Citizens rely on their governments to provide them with passports that fulfil all these criteria. In addition, countries are keen on setting up efficient ID production and a functional infrastructure, while creating new high-technology jobs in the process.

Veridos is happy to accompany the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in building the next generation of ePassports with a 5-year or 10-year validity. The outcome: A holistic solution that covers the entire process relating to a passport, from enrolment and document generation to data management and public key infrastructure, personalization and document utilization for border controls.

New jobs for a young generation

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh has set itself ambitious goals. The country has achieved strong economic growth over the past few years, joining the emerging Next Eleven nations in the process. Bangladesh hosts a young population ready to participate in the transformation into a middle income country, a goal set for 2021. By building local high-tech passport production sites with training by Veridos specialists, Bangladesh adds another component needed to fuel growth, creating highly skilled jobs in production and service.

How to make a passport impossible to forge

Making a passport resistant to forging has long been a challenge for countries. Bangladesh chose to use a highly innovative ePassport solution designed by Veridos to ensure security and trust for both the country and its citizens.

  • The newly-developed cover is made of a tear-proof textile. It is chemical-, sweat- and damp-resistant as well as heat-resistant. The holder will immediately recognize the improved feel of this environmentally-friendly passport.
  • A security feature is the integration of a color photograph of the passport holder, allowing border officials to verify the person’s identity more precisely.
  • The chip inside stores biometric information such as IRIS, face and fingerprints.
  • The ghost image of the card holder’s portrait is engraved into a transparent window, which effectively prevents manipulation after issuance and supports the easy (optical) verification of the ePassport’s authenticity.
  • In addition, the new ePassport uses MAGIC-ID, an advanced multiple-image technology displaying the Bangladesh flag. Depending on the viewing angle, the flag appears to be waving. This security feature is very easy to incorporate into the design and verify.

All features combined will make the new Bangladesh ePassport impossible to forge.

Proven frameworks for issuance and border control

Local production will go hand-in-hand with modernization of the infrastructure needed for registration of ePassport holders. Bangladesh will rely on the IMAGO software framework provided by Veridos that provides a highly secure ID issuance process. Quality control, capturing personal and biometric data and fraud management are all covered by the framework as well. 50 eGates will be built in Bangladesh linked to our VeriGO® verification platform, designed to process high traveler frequency while maintaining high security standards.

A full-service approach built to last

The holistic setup and execution provided by Veridos is a full-scale solution supporting Bangladesh on its way to further growth. “Our citizens will enjoy the benefits of the ICAO*-compliant ePassports with convenient and secure travel. With Veridos’s unique solution portfolio for the entire value chain for passports and ID production expertise, we have found the perfect company to implement this turnkey project “, said Major General Md Masud Rezwan, Director General of Department of Immigration and Passport.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

Key facts

  • Projects starts in July 2018 with a 12-year contract
  • 30 million highly innovative, ICAO-compliant ePassports using technology immune to counterfeiting, such as color photo and MAGIC-ID
  • High-level passport production site in Dhaka, Bangladesh, including supply and implementation of assembly line, data center, disaster recovery center and personalization center
  • IMAGO framework ensures full-scale secure passport issuance process
  • State-of-the-art equipment for more than 70 regional passport offices and 80 Bangladesh missions abroad
  • 50 eGates using VeriGO® border control platform built for high traveler frequency and fast verification
  • Training of local technicians by German specialists and service officials, creating new jobs in Bangladesh