Identity solutions

you can trust

We produce physical and digital identity documents, enable secure lifecycle
management, and support implementing sophisticated new technologies –
making life easier for governments and their citizens every day.
Veridos is a joint venture between Giesecke+Devrient - an international leader in
secure technologies, banknote printing, and cash lifecycle systems, and Bundesdruckerei
- the German state printing service. This powerful combination of specialist
expertise, capacity, and resources allow Veridos to implement a full range
of solutions tailored to the changing needs of a country and its citizens.

Our vision

We believe unique identities are a human right, granting access to the physical and virtual world.

End-to-end solutions

Our product portfolio includes government documents, lifecycle management systems, verification software, access and border control solutions, and eGovernment services.

Our mission

We secure trusted identities for everyone by delivering holistic solutions to governments and their citizens.

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