eGovernment and COVID-19

Continuous provision of digital public services

The provision of eGovernment services has been driven in recent times by many factors, of which COVID-19 has been an important one. The ability of governments to create trusted digital identities, coupled with advances in secure mobile ID technologies, have underpinned the sharp growth in eGovernment across the world.

Digital service delivery solutions can increase operational efficiency for governments within a system that can be expanded based on a number of services and areas. For example, many states in the U.S.A. have started to offer key services digitally, including the re-issuance of driver's licenses. This move to digital delivery has eliminated manual processes while allowing employees to work remotely.

Access everywhere

Citizens can access eGovernment services and engage in a wide range of transactions, including updating their information and renewing official documents, anytime and from anywhere.

International awareness

Digital IDs reflect positively on administrations using them, elevating their reputations as being among the global leaders in eGovernment.

Improved engagement

Better engagement with citizens through eGovernment enhances dialogue with all citizens and helps eliminate barriers to service access for isolated communities or people with restricting disabilities or mobility issues.

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