How to eGov

The digital transformation of public services

The ins and outs of eGovernment

VeriGO® TrueSeal
Attestation of sensitive documents essential during the COVID-19 crisis

VeriGO® DriveID Solution
The smart & trusted mobile driver’s license

An overview of key stakeholder benefits For governments and their citizens



Engagement with citizens

As well as improved engagement with citizens, eGov helps eliminate barriers to service access for geographically isolated communities or people with restricting disabilities or mobility issues.

Flexibility & convenience

Citizens can access eGovernment services remotely and securely engage in a wide range of transactions, such as claiming State benefits or renewing all kinds of official documents.

Cost savings for governments

Less manual interventions can deliver substantial savings in administrative costs – without compromising security. By making processes more lean, investment in other areas and technology is now possible.

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