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Tech know-how and openness to the world: Michael Brandau’s story “Working at Veridos means being in touch with people from all over the world and always being open to new cultures”

What does working at Veridos mean? “It means working with people from all over the world and always being open to new cultures” says Michael Brandau. He has been working on verification projects in the most diverse places; from the sunny coasts of Morocco to the lowlands of Bangladesh. In this interview we discover more about his role and what it means to work at high technical level.

What makes your job exciting?

”How to make sure that the passport or ID card that you present when you want to cross a border is genuine” – this is the key question for my job. I am product and portfolio manager for our verification products and solutions. I like that my role is so varied and that it has me working on many international projects; all projects and customers are different in their own way so it’s always a fun challenge. Plus, I know my work makes a difference because our verification and border control solutions make traveling more secure for everyone.

You are often travelling for work, how does that impact you?

I can boast very good packing skills – that is for sure. Working with customers from all over the world means that every project will show you a different aspect of a culture and a country that you didn’t know before (did you know that Morocco is the fifth largest economy of Africa and the most popular country with tourists to Africa?). Besides, having a trained eye when it comes to border solutions and machinery is a great ice breaker with border guards.

What has been your biggest challenge? And your greatest victory?

The biggest challenge was at the same time my biggest victory and it was the project on Morocco border control.  We implemented a customized solution for manual, automated and mobile border control throughout the whole country

We rolled out our solution with success and it turned out to be one of the biggest border control installation in our project history. I am really proud of our teamwork and our accomplishments! (Read more about the project here)

What do you like the most about working at Veridos?

The thing I like the most is the collaboration with colleagues and customers, because our business is so international that our work entails a lot of cultural exchange, both within the company and with customers. Veridos has offices all over the world and customers come from the most diverse places. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.


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