VeriGO® DriveID Solution

The smart & trusted mobile driver’s license


Digital documents that are secure and functional.



Governments are increasingly discovering the value– to both the issuer and their users – of digitizing sovereign documents. Until now achieving high levels of security and privacy protection has been an obstacle. The overriding need for trust has meant that ID cards and driver’s licenses, for example, have usually been the last items to be provided through a smartphone. Thankfully, today that level of assurance is delivered by VeriGO® DriveID.


Complying with the new industry ISO 18013-5 mDL Standard, VeriGO® DriveID goes far beyond that of a simple image of a license held on a phone or in a digital wallet. Using a secure backend system, it provides encrypted access to data held on the original driver’s license database which is then made securely available through the driver’s license app on the holder’s smartphone. A state-of-the-art infrastructure that opens doors to a comprehensive, cost-efficient modern identity management system.



Provides secure and reliable verification of the document and user ID.

Access to up-to-the-minute data contained in the issuing database.

An mDL is neither a substitute for a physical card nor an attempt to replicate its printed security features.



VeriGO® DriveID: Obtaining and trusting the data for every party

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