Mobile Solutions New Opportunities for Governments and Citizens

Citizens across the world increasingly turn to mobile technology as their main source for news, information and connecting with others.

These advances in technology are also raising citizens’ expectations on how to connect with their government. Long lines to receive governmental services are perceived as outmoded or even repressive. Governments must reach out to citizens in innovative ways in order to streamline administrative processes, facilitate accessibility and improve the quality of their services, including law enforcement.

Solutions for citizens, government and law enforcement

Veridos offers online government service solutions based on state of the art technologies like HTML5 and mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows.

Veridos supports its clients in transferring traditional processes to the mobile/online world. This can range from advanced and convenient payment processing solutions for administrative fines to virtual identification applications on mobile phones, presenting complimentary or alternative options to physical identification documents.

Drawing on the expertise of its parent companies, the Veridos mobile product portfolio for law enforcement offers reliable identification of citizens and document verification in the field. Mobile applications for law enforcement facilitate background checks through online connections and enable the digitization of processes from regulatory offenses to criminal prosecution.

Long-term vision, local implementation

Technological trends are inherently fast moving and hard to predict. Through its parent companies, Veridos actively participates in the standardization of new technologies in the identity, banking and mobile sectors. Its clients are thus advised in the latest trends and associated risks with vision beyond what is available to the competition. Equally important: national traditions, historical characteristics and personal preferences are accounted for in its development of sustainable mobile and smart service client solutions.

Learn more about Veridos’ end-to-end expertise with regard to document components & manufacturing and the wide range of innovative system components that Veridos offers.

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