Latvia Concludes Contract with Veridos for Driver's Licenses

Applicants can apply for and pick up new document in one-stop appointment

Applicants can apply for and pick up new document in one-stop appointment
Berlin, January 19, 2016 – The Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate, which comes under the Latvian Ministry of Transport, has concluded a contract with Veridos for the latter to supply Latvian driver's licenses and their personalization. The contractual period is five years. Latvian citizens will be offered an exceptional service whereby they will be able to pick up their driver's licenses within minutes of applying for it.

Veridos supplies EU-compliant blank driver's licenses made from polycarbonate and is also responsible for the personalization system. "We look forward to working in partnership with the professional team at Veridos and to benefiting from the company's high level of commitment and reliability," explains Juris Teteris, Head of Driver’s License Department from the Road Traffic Safety Directorate. "With the new contract, the Latvian Government is guaranteeing its citizens driver's licenses that are highly secure and that will remain so into the future, coupled with an exemplary license issuing service. We are very pleased that they have put their trust in us," says Veridos CEO Hans-Wolfgang Kunz.

Personalization directly on-site

The holders apply for their documents in person at ten licensing offices located around the country. As part of this process, the required personal details are recorded. These include the applicant's name, class of driver's license, signature and a photo. The record of the applicant is then sent to the central transport registry and compared with the data held there. Finally, the driver's license is personalized directly on-site using a laser engraving process and the applicant can pick up their new license immediately. The entire process only takes around 20 minutes.

Complete security solution from a single source

Proven German technology, such as the IMAGO software guarantee the high level of security both of the driver's licenses themselves and the complete recording, processing and personalization processes. Thanks to its versatile functionalities, IMAGO can be integrated into existing system environments and connected to national databases without difficulty. The security feature MAGIC ID offers a high level of protection against manipulation and counterfeiting. It employs a 3D image that incorporates a fluid motion effect depending on the viewing angle, making for simple and reliable visual verification. The effect is created by combining specially prepared print data and extremely fine lens structures. This feature enables police officers carrying out roadside checks to establish quickly, accurately, and without technical assistance whether or not a license is genuine.

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