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From mechanics to programming and digital technology: Raquel’s story “If you have to spend a third of your life working, why not become friends with your colleagues and have fun working together?”

Raquel de Horna joined the Veridos team in 2018 as Junior Strategy Manager. From Spain to the US and now Germany, she tells us a bit about her journey to Veridos.

How did you become a Junior Strategy Manager at Veridos?

I am a trained mechanical engineer but I never really worked in that field. When I was in the US for my masters I began learning coding on my own and discovered it was something that I really enjoyed. So I attended technology events and workshops and became more and more interested in the digital industry. When I moved to Germany I started working as a software engineer and then, after an international traineeship, I was offered a permanent position as part of the Veridos strategy team.

What’s different about Veridos compared to other places you have worked at?

There are two things that make working here special for me. First of all Veridos people are great and they are always willing to go the extra mile to help you. Second, if you are a person that wants to take responsibility and work on new things, colleagues and the management are very supportive. No one holds you back if you want to try something new or in different ways and even if you are young and new to the company (like me) people trust you and give you the autonomy you need to reach your goals.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

When I realized that the job gives me the maximum space to be creative and work on very stimulating projects. I think I am a creative person and this is reflected a lot in the work that I do as I always come up with new ideas.

Even in my free time I like to experiment, using 3d printers, lasers and other tools; I feel that when I can use my creativity in my hobbies my brain is refreshed and I can come up with new and better things at work. I am very grateful that Veridos is open to creative disruptive thinking.

What’s unique about your work?

I have the opportunity to be part of a lot of cool projects and to imagine how we will manage our identities in the future and what technology will be crucial for that; If I had ended up in a company less open to innovation and new talent, I would have never been part of the artificial intelligence initiative or participated in a think tank about digital identities. No day is ever the same here and I am always working on something different, whether it’s a presentation, doing research on a specific technology topic or work on our strategic goals – I never get bored!


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