Success Stories Worldwide

A complete end-to-end solution including photo-intake stations, data encryption and integration, manufacturing, printing and fulfillment of cards from a secure issuance facility.

A new driver's license and identification card that incorporates laser engraving on a polycarbonate substrate.

Supply of tachograph cards to the Belgian Ministry of Transport as a long-term partner.

Design, production and delivery of 2.2 million ePassports. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Supply of 650,000 electronic passports and implementation of a central personalization and border control system with database.

Production and delivery of ID Cards and electronic Resident Permit Cards.

Delivery of biometric voter cards, enrolment kits and set-up of central voter registration database with AFIS.

Production and delivery of electronic ID Cards and electronic Resident Permit Cards, a turnkey eRP and eID personalization system as well as an upgrade of the existing software application for the delivered ePassport personalization system. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Production and Personalization of ePassports for Cyprus Development and delivery of the complete system including ePassport booklets, EAC PKI, Enrolment systems and a centralized personalisation centre+ *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Delivery of 29 Visotec Mobile 100 for the Estonian Border Guard, a device awarded as the “Best Innovating Security Solution of 2008” by the Estonian Security Companies Association. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Design, production and delivery of electronic stickers with RFID chip. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Supplying both the cards, the infrastructure necessary to personalize them with each applicant’s information, the personalization itself and the issuance.

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