Success Stories Worldwide

Production and delivery of ID Cards and electronic Resident Permit Cards.

Delivery of biometric voter cards, enrolment kits and set-up of central voter registration database with AFIS.

Production and delivery of electronic ID Cards and electronic Resident Permit Cards, a turnkey eRP and eID personalization system as well as an upgrade of the existing software application for the delivered ePassport personalization system. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Production and Personalization of ePassports for Cyprus Development and delivery of the complete system including ePassport booklets, EAC PKI, Enrolment systems and a centralized personalisation centre+ *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Delivery of 29 Visotec Mobile 100 for the Estonian Border Guard, a device awarded as the “Best Innovating Security Solution of 2008” by the Estonian Security Companies Association. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Design, production and delivery of electronic stickers with RFID chip. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Supplying both the cards, the infrastructure necessary to personalize them with each applicant’s information, the personalization itself and the issuance.

Redesign and production of approx. 1.2 million driving license cards according to EU layout requirements. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Production and personalization of upgraded ePassports (eStickers) and implementation and introduction of ICAO PKI infrastructure. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Production and delivery of polycarbonate ePassports for the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Delivery and integration of a personalization solution by laser engraving technology (ME5000 and ME3000 Passport). In addition, delivery of VISOTEC Expert 600 document verification devices including appropriate software. *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Continuous production of eID cards for Germany with biographical data, facial image and 2 fingerprints ( voluntary) stored in the chip; approx. 7.5 million identity cards per year. Development of two optional applications: online ID function and qualified electronic signature (QES). *Reference by Bundesdruckerei

Continuous production and personalization of all German ePassports which contain a chip that stores the facial image, biographical data and fingerprints; approx. 3.0 million passports per year *Reference by Bundesdruckerei.

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