Success Stories Worldwide

Delivery of the new National Register, the IT and data acquisition infrastructure, the entire personalization system, ID Card production and delivery, all associated services, such as Training, Technical Support and Maintenance. It also comprises the electronic archiving of the Civil Status records. *Reference by G&D supported by Veridos

Supply of the four tachograph card types to the Irish Ministry of Transport since 2004.

After the supply of machine readable passports since 2000, delivery of the world's first electronic passports featuring the SAC protocol as well as supply of a state-of-the-art system solution to personalize them since 2013.

Delivery of multifunctional, electronic, and entirely contactless smart eID cards and implementation of all system components necessary to support every step in the ID process including enrollment, Automated Fingerprint Inspection System (AFIS), personalization and issuance.

Supply of 400,000 driver’s licenses in smart card format to Kosovo. The driver’s licenses combine advanced design with the latest security technologies and are among the most innovative of their kind in Europe.

Delivery of Enrollment System and Central Data Processing System for the registration of Biographic and Biometric Data of the Kyrgyz Republic Population.

Supply of at least 1,5 Mio. state-of-the-art electronic passports (including the polycarbonate data page with innovative features like a transparent stripe) and the introduction of a registration, personalization and issuing system.

Delivery of a resident ID card including PKI and personalization system, based on the Java Card operating system SmartCafé Expert.

Supply of various national ID documents including a data acquisition and personalization system.

Supply of 2 million electronic passports with PECSEC data page and introduction of a registration, personalization and issuing system with central database.

Supply of the new driver’s licenses to Macedonia’s Ministry of the Interior.

Production of 4 million driver’s licenses per year for the authorities in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.

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