A need for digital government services in times of COVID-19

A need for digital government services in times of COVID-19 Opportunities for digitalization in the government sector: the path to a digital tomorrow

In a matter of weeks, we have seen the importance of adaptation to embrace the new normal. Changes in lifestyle have led to significant developments in digitalization through a modification of perspective at a very fast pace. From companies adapting home office policies and encouraging employees to work from home to businesses offering an extended range of digital services, opportunities to expand into the digital realm have never been so prominent.

Digitalization of events

Many large-scale events have converted to digital alternatives. From digital press conferences to the virtualization of meetings, an increased number of organizations have and will continue to adopt technologies that can help foster effective communication. Additionally, as working remotely becomes more necessary, both employers and employees will think of methods to enhance current processes.

Advances in innovation

At this moment the drive for innovation is undeniable. The current ecosystem has opened the doors to a range of possibilities and applications to help keep people informed, protected, and safe. Moreover, innovation is particularly imminent within technologies for Governments, which aim to provide advanced solutions for public services and policies.

eGovernment services

In the new normal, a citizen can access and use their digital identity documents through a secure personal vault, which is a place in the cloud where a person’s documents are securely stored and can be retrieved and shared, at different levels, only by and with authorized individuals, companies or institutions. Through an online platform, an individual can have the capability to renew their passport, view medical records, get prescriptions, and access other government services; all online and without leaving their home.

Let’s picture a scenario: Anna lives in a country where eServices are available. So how would she go about accessing eGovernment solutions?



Your personal vault

An important backbone of eGovernment Services is a protected individual digital vault, a place in the government’s cloud where a person’s documents are securely stored and can be retrieved and shared, at different levels, only by and with authorized individuals, companies or institutions. Anna has access to all her official documents by securely accessing her personal vault from her smartphone.



Medical services (eHealth)

Anna can schedule an appointment with a specialized doctor from her phone, have a video-appointment, share her past medical records with the doctor, and get an online prescription.



Online learning

A platform for online teaching is already in place. Anna can continue her classes, authenticate herself to take tests, and exchange paperwork with her school or university at any time from her home.



Touchless Authentication on the streets

Also, a digital form for authentication purposes is available via the app. When an authority officer asks for Anna’s driver’s license, she presents a QR code on her app. Once scanned,  they can view  Anna’s driver’s license and her personal details on their phones. Thus, no physical contact was necessary.

A secure, convenient method for citizens and government authorities to authentication digital identity documents.

Watch Veridos' eTravel Authorization for governments and citizens:


Identity documents

Using a secure digital platform allows citizens to access eGovernment services, in addition, to use their identity documents digitally.  Anna’s passport is about to expire. She can request a new one via the app securely from her home or on the go.

Watch a video about VeriGO® TrueID - mobile face authentication for eGovernment services:



Official announcements

Anna gets official up-to-date announcements from her government Authorities directly on her phone. An official platform for secure communication creates the ideal channel for emergency announcements, new regulations, and official reports. Anna can rely on trusted communication and avoid fake news. Also, petitions and questionnaires can be answered by Anna, helping the government to know more details about her and other citizens.

eServices make sure that even during difficult situations, government-citizen interactions in different sectors and situations are not brought to a standstill.

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