Digital identity ecosystems help citizens unlock their true potential

Digital identity ecosystems help citizens unlock their true potential

Secure digital identities involve multiple parties using innovative technology in numerous use cases. Brought together they comprise a digital identity ecosystem built on trust and collaboration. View the infographic below to read about the current and future advantages of eGovernment services.

In the future secure, trustworthy and convenient digital identity ecosystems will unlock even greater potential. Next generation “smart cities” are already moving from fantasy to reality, their architects seeking to deploy digital IDs that make all aspects of daily living “contactless” and doing away with the need for such things as physical keys or public transport tickets. Extensive IoT solutions, too, will increasingly do away with mundane tasks, such as the need for shopping lists, keeping track of medication needs or arranging for your personal transport to be serviced.

But perhaps even more importantly, digital identities are set to play a crucial role in helping bridge economic and social divisions and in empowering the one billion who still need a legal identity to help unlock their true potential.

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