Go further, do more with a digital ID

Go further, do more with a digital ID A secure and trusted eID creates new possibilities for government services

For many people today access to state services of all kinds, from renewing a driver’s license or a passport to obtaining social benefits or paying taxes, can still be a laborious and time-consuming process. It often requires finding the right government department or office and waiting in a queue. Then you may have to come back later to collect a letter or document or else wait for it to arrive in the mail. The first important step in this journey, no matter what product or service is involved, is verifying the identity of the individual using a secure and trusted method. That could be by producing an acceptable document such as birth certificate, a passport, a national identity card or a driver’s license.

Increasingly, however, governments around the world are recognizing the value of putting more and more of their services online. This approach increases convenience for citizens and can help them and the relevant state agencies save both time and administrative or operating costs. By making things far quicker and more convenient, offering cost savings, high citizen involvement, increase of service quality, and could even open new revenue possibilities for the government. This brings these services – often referred to as eGovernment services – to another level. At its heart, this approach relies on establishing trust between the creator of the identity, the individual and the agencies that will rely on that identity through the creation of a secure digital identity.

In this process of “onboarding” the use of a secure and already trusted source document is key to creating a trusted digital identity. As the infographic shows, there are many ways of creating secure digital IDs for citizens. But each approach relies on the availability of original source documentation or information on which all parties can rely.

As a trusted provider of physical and digital identity solutions, Veridos is a one-stop provider of ID solutions. With expertise in all aspects of the identity value chain – from the production of highly secure physical documents such as passports and national identity cards, through to the advanced eGovernment solutions – Veridos enables governments and their citizens to deal securely with the most important aspects of life.

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