Infographic: Meeting customer demands for durable, secure, high quality ID photos with CLIP ID®

Infographic: Meeting customer demands for durable, secure, high quality ID photos with CLIP ID® Vivid color photos for national identity documents

Even in this increasingly digital age, physical identification documents are vital to daily life. And enhanced security features are essential to stay ahead of forgers. That’s why photos on identity documents must be forgery-proof to guarantee reliable and secure identification.

Laser-engraved black-and-white images used to be the norm for polycarbonate ID documents. Nowadays, governments, state authorities, and citizens demand high-quality, vivid color photos and IDs with the latest security features. What’s more, these need to come with the next generation of forgery-prevention features to provide reliable and accurate identification. Veridos’ color personalization technology has been developed to meet the needs of governments. The infographic below explores the process and benefits that the technology offers our customers.


CLIP ID® offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it’s a cost-effective solution for the personalization of next-generation identity documents, with a long-lasting product lifetime. And it offers a unique combination of secure laser engraving and photo printing on a specially structured photo area, which basically can be applied by any laser engraving and UV-curing ink-jet printing system. The process is perfect for both centralized and decentralized personalization workflows, separate from document production. Moreover, it’s highly durable, removing any need for an additional protective layer. And additional Veridos security features can be easily incorporated, as desired.

All physical identity documents can easily be faked or forged unless they come equipped with the right security features. Therefore, it’s vital to integrate the latest generation of technology solutions to keep all essential IDs secure and ensure their reliability during security checks. CLIP ID® can keep ID documents secure and out of the hands of forgers while providing governments and citizens with a vivid color photo for the next generation of polycarbonate identity documents.

As borders start to open and travel resumes after the COVID-19 pandemic, we can expect to see more citizen passport renewals, with polycarbonate passports leading the way. CLIP ID® can help fully unlock the potential of color-laser personalization while keeping citizens’ identity safe.

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