VeriGO® TrueSeal

Attestation of sensitive documents essential during the COVID-19 crisis


We believe trust is essential for processes to continue.


This eGovernment solution has been developed with security in mind. It can be rolled out very quickly. It is a secure product that relies on a visible digital seal. And always verified in combination with a physical or digital identity document. This way the verifier and the user have trust that the process is securely carried out.


Standardization - The use of visible digital seals follows the ICAO Technical Report for Visible Digital Seals that are currently integrated into the ICAO Doc 9303 8th edition as well as the BSI Technical Guideline TR 03137. And is open to standardization adjustments for vaccination certificates to be made by ICAO.


With a variety of benefits, TrueSeal can be implemented for a variety of use cases.





Benefits of VeriGO® TrueSeal


Once issued, citizens have the option to present the certificate on a smartphone or printed.


Relies on a visible digital seal, which is verified in combination with a physical or digital identity document.

Fast and user friendly

Stakeholders can generate government-attested documents quickly and securely. Users can present their certificates always and everywhere – maintaining privacy.

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