VeriGO® TrueID

Convenient and yet secure authentication solution for eGovernment services

VeriGO® TrueID Convenient and yet secure authentication solution for eGovernment services: renew or report lost identity documents from your smartphone

Cost-effective, digitized identity services powered by advanced face recognition technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has given added impetus to the digitalization of all types of official documents, from registration of births to renewal of driver’s licenses. VeriGO® TrueID makes it easy for citizens to renew official documents or report them lost or stolen via a smartphone. For government agencies, TrueID facilitates cost-effective enhancement of existing processes. It can be integrated seamlessly with the Veridos identity document management system, IMAGO, or can be readily customized to work with similar systems to provide a secure digital service with an integrated payments system.

The VeriGO® TrueID app works on all commonly used smartphones, enabling citizens to renew official documents or access a wide range of other Government services. This secure, hassle-free approach eliminates the need for users to visit offices in person or submit documents or forms by post. They simply download the app to obtain direct access to the services they want.

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One solution for a wide range of eServices

VeriGO® TrueID can be used in a multitude of ways; it can be used to update official documents of all kinds, report lost IDs, or request other services. These typically include passport and driver’s license renewals, copies of birth certificates, and national ID cards.

It employs server-side matching biometric face recognition with anti-spoofing liveness detection to securely validate the user’s identity. By authenticating against an existing national biometric database the need for pre-registration in person is eliminated. All the user has to do is download the app, select the service they require, enter their unique identification number, and look into the smartphone camera. Once authenticated, they are guided through any further steps.


VeriGO® TrueID can either be integrated into Veridos’ IMAGO identity document issuance application or easily customized to work within an existing application process.  It delivers seamless workflows for the relevant issuing authorities, supported by a convenient in-app payment mechanism. TrueID facilitates authorities seeking to digitize and streamline internal processes, thereby improving their service delivery and cutting costs at the same time.

For users, TrueID delivers a highly convenient solution that can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime. It thus eliminates time-consuming and often expensive visits to offices, avoids queues and other delays, and minimizes unnecessary social interactions.

In response to the  COVID-19 pandemic governments the world over are recognizing, as never before, the value of digitalizing their processes and services. In this challenging environment, TrueID is the ideal solution for the secure remote renewal and replacement of ID verified documents and a wide range of other eGovernment services.


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