Passport Reader

Quicker Checks, Better Results

Border control officers are not the only ones who must check ID documents for authenticity in a quick and reliable manner.

Public agencies also increasingly depend on ways to quickly identify forged documents. Airline ground crew issue boarding documents on the basis of the presented ID.

Automatic reading and enhanced security

Veridos can provide its customers with several solutions for this task, one of it being the high-end VISOTEC® Expert 600 document reading and verification device and corresponding software (VISOCORE Inspect® and VISOCORE Verfiy®) for enhanced security. As Veridos can select from several qualified sources, we can provide our customers with solutions that fit best to our customer’s needs. The VISOTEC® Expert 600, for example, automatically reads different document types which correspond to the standards issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), including ID cards, passports and visas in ID1, ID2 and ID3 format.

The device checks visual security features under different lighting as well as integrated security chips, no matter where the chip is located in the document. The high-end document reading and verification device can also handle extra-thick or stapled passports.

A special advantage of the VISOTEC® Expert 600 is that it has been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in accordance with its technical guideline BSI TR-03105 part 4.

User-friendly and ergonomic

The VISOTEC® Expert 600 features an ergonomic design and particularly user-friendly operation.

Thanks to its small dimensions, the VISOTEC® Expert 600 can also be used in small spaces and control cubicles. The VISOTEC® Expert 600 OEM built-in variant can be easily integrated into eGates and check-in, ticket or cash machines.