Security Services
Trusting a Reliable Partner

Even highly secure identity solutions have vulnerabilities, most notably the human element.

Trust in the professionalism and honesty of third-party employees at the companies that design, distribute and operate such solutions is a real stumbling block for many potential customers in this field. It is understandably difficult to invest heavily in technology if the people behind that technology are a question mark.

A reliable partner for sensitive data and materials

Veridos supplies complete turnkey solutions for highly secure identity solutions around the globe. These are built atop a foundation of comprehensive internal guidelines and rules of conduct to ensure compliance with the customer’s preferred security protocols.

The company’s portfolio of satisfied customers and products attests to its reliability as a partner for sensitive data and materials, including classified information. But Veridos does not rest on reputation — it is constantly reviewing internal performance and procedures to determine new best practices and initiate improvements.

Security is in the Veridos DNA

The parent companies for Veridos, Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei, are among the most trusted names worldwide in secure documents. The security standards and guidelines applied at Veridos reflect these firms’ combined centuries of experience in security-related services and products.

Customers can rest assured that their sensitive information, data, materials and products are treated with the utmost of care and discretion. After all, security is in Veridos’ DNA.

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