Traffic ID Solutions

Veridos offers its customers a variety of innovative identification solutions for streamlining traffic safety and increasing revenue collection. Supplemental functionality is also frequently designed into the cards to add even more value for both issuer and card holder.

Driver’s License
In many countries driver’s licenses also serve as a primary government-issued form of identification and age verification. Veridos provides the latest technologies for the enhancement of (electronic) driving licenses into more secure and trustworthy documents, drawing on the experience of its parent companies Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei.
Digital tachographs improve road safety through automatic recording and regular monitoring of driver performance data and details on the vehicle's journey. The Veridos team can rely on its substantial experiences in digital tachography and has sent millions of secure digital tachograph cards into the field.
Vehicle Registration
The electronic VRC (eVRC), a tamper-evident certificate of vehicle ownership, is a formidable weapon in the fight against vehicle registration fraud. The Veridos solutions involve highly secure, credit card-sized vehicle registrations that are robust, flexible, compatible with security enhancements, affordable to produce and compliant with major standards and can be personalized centrally or decentralized.
Mobile Driver's License
The introduction of a mobile driver’s license is a huge opportunity to improve credential security, convenience, efficiency and even expand smart services to save people’s time and money.