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Identity Documents Security Features Stay ahead of forgers with Veridos’ Advanced Security Features for Identity Documents

Veridos’ customers have a near-universal interest in optical advanced security features for Identity Documents that are easy to verify and difficult to forge or difficult to counterfeit. These security features garantee examiners identify the document as genuine, even under difficult light conditions or when reviewed outside the issuing country.

Veridos employs cutting-edge advanced security features for Identity documents and security technologies that meet the highest security standards and quality standards. Veridos develops and produces the entire value chain of identity production and passport production which includes security paper, polycarbonate components, security printing , finishing, eCover production and the chip operating system.

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CLIP ID is short for Color Laser Image Protected ID. This combines laser engraving and color printing within a customized lenticular structure. The result is a lifelike image of the holder of the ID – in true, vivid colors.

Advantages include the utmost security, long-lasting product lifetime and no need for additional protection layers, making it very cost-effective. The solution is also suitable for both centralized and decentralized personalization processes.

The CLIP ID personalization splits a single photo source. Firstly, a grey scale version is laserengraved, then the color photo is printed on top. This produces a photo that is joined with the document material and can’t be separated from it. By touching it with a finger or viewing it under an infrared light, it is easy to detect manipulated IDs.



CLIP ID Echo is an enhanced version of our well-known CLIP ID security feature. It provides visual means of verifying document authenticity. Simple yet highly efficient, CLIP ID Echo is a repeated portrait and biographical data, such as a birth date or an ID number, of the cardholder and that is only visible from certain angles. The additional information within CLIP ID Echo is personalized by Laser engraving and provides enhanced protection. Reproduction of engraved data by photocopying, for example is simply impossible, making CLIP ID Echo the most effective feature available against forgery.

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MAGIC-ID is an advanced multiple image technology. Depending on the viewing angle of the card, images seem to move in multiple and/or opposite directions. The pixels are preprinted in a specific configuration that, when combined with sophisticated lens structures, allows a new dimension of dynamically moving effects. While MAGIC-ID is very easy to incorporate into the card design and very easy to verify, it is very difficult to forge.


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