Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) Harnessing, Not Hoarding, Biometric Data

An ever-growing range of ID cards and passports now contain biometric data.

The technology, whether used for card or passport holder identification, is only as effective as the systems that draw on it. Setting up a national database of biometric scans —fingerprints, face or iris being the most common — does little if the system cannot harness that data in real time.

Templates for fast ABIS searches

Veridos works with systems capable of taking a live scan of a fingerprint and comparing it in seconds against millions of scans in the database. This type of system, known as an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), typically extracts a set of characteristic features from scans and images and then compresses and stores them in an optimized form (templates) to facilitate fast searching.

Best practices based on real-life implementations

All ABIS systems suffer from potential vulnerabilities, such as false acceptance and false rejection. Thanks to its years of experience in the field, Veridos has analyzed and evaluated which ABIS systems and methods produce the best real-life results and has integrated them into its IMAGO platform. Veridos customers can rest assured that their fully integrated solutions will not only optimally fit their needs and specifications, but are also the finest on the market.

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