Automated Border Control Helping Streamline Heavy Border Control Loads

International travel is more popular than ever before.

Industry studies report more than 700 million passengers per year today, and the passenger flow at airports is forecast to rise by 75% by 2030. This puts a difficult burden on the border guards entrusted with providing reliable control and security for their country’s border.

Wide range of ABC security mechanisms available

As part of its Border Control program, Veridos provides flexible Automated Border Control (ABC) solutions based on the VeriGO® platform. These solutions implement supervised self-service installations, consisting of:

  • Integrated or segregated kiosk(s) incl. readers and scanners
  • One door / two door gate construction with integrated sensor rails
  • Standard face biometrics
  • Iris or finger biometrics compliant with systems such as the Registered Travelers Program (RTP)
  • Feedback screens and video surveillance at monitoring stations for the border guards
  • Efficient configuration and ABC management with its Border Control Backend Server

Freeing border guards for high-risk travelers

Veridos’ ABC solution provides customers the means to easily and scalably cope with the rising load of passengers. It promotes a constant level of personnel deployment, helping ensure a constant, reliably repeatable level of security.

The solution also provides benefits for the travelers, with more convenience in travel for selected, low-risk traveler groups (defined according to customer’s specifications). Getting low-risk travelers using ABC systems offers relief for border guards, leaving more time to focus on potential high-risk travelers.

The offered ABC solution and their elements are efficiently integrated with the Border Control backend system. Interconnection with the subsequent manual inspection stations provides the utmost usability for all facets of the related border control processes.

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