Trust and collaboration lie at the heart of any truly effective digital identity ecosystem. The trust aspect is three-way –
between the party that creates or manages the identity, the person for whom that identity has been established,
and the parties that rely on it. The collaboration element also involves three parties: individual citizens, the public sector,
and the private sector. Without these three supporting legs, the ecosystem is inherently unstable. But when trust and
collaboration are combined with the power of digital identities, using the specialist expertise of Veridos the results can be astounding.



A digital identity ecosystem connecting all stakeholders Trust is essential between these three parties





How do the stakeholders benefits from eGovernment? Streamlined and seamless automated processes


Civil and social empowerment afforded by providing legal identity for everyone


Labor productivity is enhanced through sharply decreased administration burdens


Increased convenience and an improved customer experience


Digital identities automate processes, making them more streamlined and seamless. By enabling vital
identity documents to be stored securely in digital form they are made easier to access, helping to increase the
confidence of both issuers and others relying on the integrity of the ID document. Furthermore, a document that is both more
convenient and secure will attract more and more issuers to exploit it for different use cases.  So the increasing
rates of digitization worldwide, and the pace of mobile phone adoption, in particular, mean more and more individuals
can easily and conveniently access services and facilities they would have found difficult, if not impossible, to attain in the past.


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