Paper Certificates Reducing Opportunities for Counterfeiting and Fraud

Counterfeiting is not a victimless crime.

The economic and political damage caused by forgeries are painful and real. And while document security has reached amazing new heights, the counterfeiters are working hard to keep pace.

Modern technology has opened up considerable new potential for them. Breeder documents, checks, forms, duty stamps and gift certificates are all considered attractive and relatively below-the-radar targets.

Broad range of security features and enhancements

Whatever the field, Veridos works closely with the customer to develop product-specific security concepts. This starts with an analysis of suitable anti-counterfeiting protection for documents. Veridos works with a broad range of tried-and-tested security features, ranging from security paper with watermarks, threads and fibers to Veridos’ own innovative proprietary security features.

Conveying trust and credibility

Every project involves comprehensive strategic consulting with all stakeholders involved. The goal is to determine an effective strategy for smart security printing to increase significantly the authenticity and credibility of documents and products.

Veridos’ many years of hands-on experience in this field has provided the know-how and insight to establish an effective combination of different security features. It also means access to production techniques not available on the open market such as micro-printing, visible and invisible features, intaglio printing and holographic elements that provide unobtrusive security protections that cannot be circumvented.

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