Card & Application Management System (CAMS) Getting Chip Cards to Do Even More

In the past, the mere use of chip cards was considered secure data storage.

As demands for chip functionality and infrastructure have risen, however, chip cards have evolved into increasingly complex systems capable of a wider range of applications. A new generation of applications has also been built around chip cards as secure entities. The Card and Application Management System (CAMS) is the crucial intersection of backend system and chip card, delivering a wide range of features and functions to manage and control chip cards during the complete lifecycle of a card.

Modular architecture, top robustness and reliability

CAMS from Veridos is a high-performance CAMS system offering components to personalize the card after issuance. The modular architecture provides top robustness and reliability for 24/7 operation in a computer center, and is compatible with multiple cards for different purposes and multiple tenants.

It can also generate key pairs, apply for certificates at various certification authorities and search for the information needed to initiate the personalization of cards. The Veridos CAMS optimizes the personalization of cards by creating sorted batches and distributing them to different personalization sites as necessary.

Card holder and issuer benefit from post-issuance updates

The CAMS ensures the issuer the ability to personalize cards post-issuance. When the card is presented at an end terminal, the CAMS can establish a secure connection with the chip card and update or delete card applications.

This potentially saves the card holder both time and effort as the card can receive new applications and functionality decentrally. The card issuer for its part retains full control over issued cards and their states. From the initial application for a new card, production and field use to the revocation and destruction of the card, the card issuer has the option to disable applications when a remote online connection is established — reducing the potential for fraud.

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