Document Components & Manufacturing

Solving the planning and logistics issues needed to actually design and produce state-of-the-art secure documents is a great task. Veridos stands ready with end-to-end expertise and assistance in navigating this challenging process.

Paper Certificates

The economic and political damage caused by forgeries of breeder documents, checks, forms, duty stamps and gift certificates are painful and real. Veridos offers product-specific security concepts, from anti-counterfeiting enhancements and security features such as security paper with watermarks, threads and fibers to Veridos’ own innovative proprietary solutions. The result is significantly boosted authenticity and credibility for documents and products.


Document Production

Veridos offers its customers all necessary support, certified production capacity and the relevant experience to specify and manufacture state-of-the-art ID documents. From ID cards to passport data pages, Veridos’ one-stop solutions come in non-electronic and electronic versions, preferably as polycarbonate electronic cards compatible with all standard interfaces, i.e. contact, contactless, hybrid and dual interfaces.


eCovers & Inlays

eCovers and Inlays are the most convenient way to upgrade existing passport booklets solutions into fully ICAO compliant solutions. eCovers adapt the manufacturing process for the standard passport cover to incorporate a chip and antenna. Inlays are used as a chip and antenna solution to be glued between the standard cover material and paper booklet.


ID Card Documents & Passport Datapages

Veridos’ ID cards and passport data pages offer market-leading protection against counterfeiting as well as enhanced durability. Regardless of the card material or selected interface (contactless, contact-based or 2-chip hybrid), all Veridos cards and passport data pages meet international standards and are compatible with a wide variety of security features.


Operating Systems & Applications

Veridos develops operating systems, applications and relevant cryptographic mechanisms and security features, all based on the current technology standard. They can be deployed in contact-based, contactless and dual interface solutions and all support the SAC, BAC, EAC and PACE authentication protocols defined in the ICAO specification.


Passport Booklets

High-security Veridos passports meet the toughest security and quality standards and are outfitted with state-of-the-art security features for all 3 verification levels. Each variant — a paper-based data page designed for inkjet personalization and a PC data page for laser engraving — is available as a 32 or 64-page booklet and is 100% ICAO-compliant.


Security Features

Identity Documents Security Features - UV-light

Veridos has developed security features for ID cards and passports ranging from holographic security threads to fine intaglio technology that make documents safer and harder to forge. Customers can choose between them to cover any of the three primary verification levels as needed.


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