Card and Passport Management Accuracy in authentication

The limits of traditional identification documents have been laid bare in the modern age of global travel.

Relying solely on the process of comparing a photo printed on a document to the live appearance of the person presenting themselves at a checkpoint brings forth numerous vulnerabilities. Portions of data or the entire document are susceptible to forgery and falsification. The reliability of the human controller can vary based on the situation and possibly can be subject to bribery, malfeasance, or simple fatigue.

The new generation of ID card and passport systems augment traditional processes with automatic verification techniques based on digitized biometric data of document holders. During the process of matching biometric data with live data from the document holder, this approach delivers a greater degree of verification that would be otherwise unattainable with conventional ID documents by eliminating human error.

Works with paper-based or chipped documents and mobile identities

Veridos’s IMAGO platform is a configurable framework for data enrollment, document personalization, quality assurance, issuance, and verification of identification documents. Based on the project-specific configuration, it supports the personalization and the issuance of various types of ID cards, including driver’s licenses, work permit cards, passports, and visas. The issued documents can be paper-based without a chip, electronic versions with either contact-based or contactless microprocessors, or secure mobile IDs on a smartphone. Various security document materials and document formats are supported – from document sheets made out of security paper to multiple plastic materials and passport books.

Biometrics, microprocessor, and cryptologic technologies in ID documents impact the entire lifecycle of an ID document and the document issuance system’s functionalities. Through IMAGO, Veridos has developed a proven modular hardware and software system that covers the entire process – from the very first enrollment of biometric data to the management of citizen data and the issuance of millions of high-quality security documents.

Compatible with Public Key Infrastructure

IMAGO complies with all international specifications concerning ID documents, types, formats, and quality of biometric data. The platform also follows specifications for data security and usage of electronic ID documents.

IMAGO handles all necessary keys for the personalization of electronic documents like document signer keys and Country Verification keys. In addition, IMAGO offers modules and interfaces that enable the acquisition of certificates and cryptographic keys to enable eGovernment and eServices.


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