Document Production Competent Support with a Sensitive Subject

The production of sovereign ID documents is a sensitive matter.

State-of-the-art production facilities and an experienced producer are required to manufacture documents that are secure, compliant with established standards, counterfeit-proof, durable and, of course, easy and reliable to verify in the real and the virtual worlds.

Many governments feel the attraction of controlling document production themselves — independence, security and economics, to name a few. In many cases these efforts to switch to a ‘make’ model fail in the face of inexperience and hesitations about implementing and operating the factory. They instead revert to the ‘buy’ method, procuring blank documents from a third party.

End-to-end support in supplying documents and in establishing local competency

Veridos offers its customers all necessary support, certified production capacity and the relevant experience to specify and manufacture state-of-the-art ID documents. Our product portfolio in this area ranges from ID cards to passport data pages. Both are offered in non-electronic and electronic versions, in polycarbonate material wherever feasible. The electronic cards can be equipped with all standard interfaces, i.e. contact, contactless, hybrid and dual interfaces.

Yet Veridos’ service does not end there. Veridos provides the consulting and expert support that governments and public authorities need for successful implementation of a national ID document factory. It transfers its extensive know-how to the client’s technical staff, from the specification of the documents to be produced and planning and implementation of the factory to trainings of staff and ramp-up and operations support. By request Veridos can also assume responsibility for operations management.

Choice of document supply or local factory solutions

Veridos customers will hold the levers to the production of state-of-the-art electronic and non-electronic ID documents. With access to multiple production facilities in Germany and abroad, Veridos offers not just customized solutions, but also failsafe production with redundancy in the event of disasters.

When deciding on an independent solution, the customer benefits from a highly experienced one-stop supplier for all necessary services to implement an ID document production facility. Veridos can arrange for off-the-shelf ID production equipment or deliver special manufacturing equipment capable of highly specialized tasks at the heart of secure ID document production. Where needed, any Veridos solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the nation or agency.

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