Our eGovernment suite

A tailored suite of digital solutions to meet every need

Veridos’ products and services have always played important roles in supporting services that are critical for everyday life. Our eGovernment suite focuses on security and opening new channels to make services available and accessible to all citizens. We add value by providing a future-proof ID platform that meets the needs of various stakeholders. By providing solutions that are easy to integrate, privacy-centric and robust, Veridos is the ideal partner to create an end-to-end lifecycle solution for the ID, based on the latest innovations and state-of-the-art technology.

A mobile driver's license is not just a card on a phone VeriGO® DriveID - our driver's license solution

Secure and reliable

Provides verification of the document and user ID.

Accurate data

Access to up-to-the-minute data contained in the issuing database.

Not a substitute

An mDL is neither a substitute for a physical card nor an attempt to replicate its printed security features.

Maximum security

An mDL is user-centric, privacy friendly and allows for data minimization.

Complying with the new industry ISO 18013-5 mDL Standard, VeriGO® DriveID goes far beyond a simple image of a license held on a phone or in a digital wallet. VerGO® DriveID relies on secure access to a backend system to provide an encrypted digital representation of the same data contained on the cardholder’s physical driver’s license. The secure mobile driver’s license application allows citizens to present their data for verification using exclusively digitized means, enhancing privacy and convenience for citizens and verifiers.

Attestation of sensitive documents including vaccination certificates VeriGO® TrueSeal - Vaccination certificates and sensitive documents





VeriGO® TrueSeal allows for secure, convenient, and privacy-friendly digital attestation of sensitive documents that are essential to managing the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Veridos solutions integrate relevant stakeholders to allow them to generate government-attested documents quickly and securely. VeriGO® TrueSeal can be used in various scenarios: for example, to issue access permits with digital seals for retirement homes to protect those who are at high risk. In a similar way, immunization records can be used as evidence that a person has been vaccinated and can be considered immune.

An eGovernment platform for all essential services VeriGO® TrueID

VeriGO® TrueID makes it easy for citizens to carry out such tasks as renewing official documents or registering a birth. The cutting-edge technology allows citizens to easily verify their identity via face recognition. Citizens no longer need to visit an office in person, they can simply download the smartphone app and access the desired service from wherever they are. This increases accessibility in remote regions while also cutting costs for governments. The mobile face authentication solution consists of a mobile app for face detection and server-side matching service.


VeriGO® Solutions for eGovernment
A tailored suite of digital solutions to meet every need

VeriGO® TrueID
Enabling convenient, fast and secure eGovernment services

VeriGO® DriveID Solution
The smart & trusted mobile driver’s license

VeriGO® TrueSeal
Attestation of sensitive documents essential during the COVID-19 crisis

eGovernment services for life
User-friendly and trusted digital identities for every milestone

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