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In a growingly digitalized world, online services have become a crucial element to guarantee effective and secure communication between governments and their citizens. Read on as we dive deeper into what makes eGovernment so beneficial and necessary in this day and age.

Why eGovernment matters in the digital age

eGovernment (often referred to as eGov) includes all use of information technology that enhances the quality and efficiency of government services to the public; it grants the fastest and most convenient communication from citizen to government (C2G), government to citizen (G2C) and government to business (G2B).

The benefits of eGovernment services are numerous and include factors such as the reduction of administrative costs and an improved accessibility for citizens living in remote areas. Research also shows that the digitalization and automation of government manual processes are strongly desired by citizens worldwide and improve their level of satisfaction.

Whether it’s applying for a passport or visa, renewing a driver’s license or filling a tax report, eGov services allow people to quickly solve bureaucratic matters from the comfort of their own home instead of facing lengthy commutes and queues. The benefits for both parts in terms of time saving and cost reduction are immense.

Making eGovernment safe and convenient with Veridos

Veridos enables the coexistence of physical and digital identity by helping governments in their digitalization process. We work with identity providers to help secure online services and citizens’ eIDs by creating trusted digital identities; we do this by providing cutting-edge technology and servers to enable secure authentication services and help build sound backend systems.

What does that mean in practice? A good example of an eGov solution is VeriGO® TrueID, Veridos’s smartphone-based face recognition authentication solution that facilitates access to eGovernement services, such as the renewal of a passport through the app. As the use of mobile device increases, traditional eGov systems are being complemented by transitioning to mobile government (mGovernment or mGov), that is, online government services that are accessible from mobile phones.

Watch how it works below:

Veridos VeriGO TrueID - mobile face authentication for eGovernment services

The application options for this type of services is endless and governments are increasingly working to create mobile apps and portals that guarantee utmost security to the users. 83 countries have already indicated that they are providing some form of mobile government; an example? The first-ever mobile driver’s license rolled out in 2018 in the Republic of Kosovo.

What can eGovernment do? Find out the most important use cases

Throughout their lifetimes, citizens can benefit from a wide range of digital government services. Veridos provides a wide range of digital government services that help citizens throughout their lifetimes. Anna uses these convenient solutions to access a range of services on a daily basis. Here are some of the many scenarios where Anna used her digital identity to access eGovernment services.

Go to to explore eGov use cases.

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