Enrollment Biometric Data = Security

Biometric data is one of the most effective and widespread ways to enhance the security of ID documents.

Unlike a list of name and birthdates, biometric data cannot be captured without the participation of the citizen. Experience has shown that biometric data can be effectively captured when a citizen first applies for a secure document or, in some cases, simply registers with the national database.

Enrollment and biometric data capture in one system

Through its Imago framework, Veridos supports a full spectrum of enrollment scenarios and is already in a position to install Imago enrollment systems in more than 40 countries worldwide. Registration officers can use Imago to scan the enrollment form and one or more breeder documents (birth certificate, ID card or other) and query any missing biographical information. Once verified, this data will become the trusted anchor for the issuance of new security documents.

Imago then performs a face scan and, optionally, collects other biometric identifiers such as a handwritten signature, fingerprints or iris scan. The system is designed to deliver high quality biometric data, as this is the only way to ensure good results for the security features on the final document. High quality biometric scans are also a prerequisite for Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS), which detects duplicate applications (i.e. when a citizen has already applied for a secure document under another name.)

Robust enough for even the toughest conditions

Veridos’ flexible solution is compatible with a broad range of biometric scanners manufactured for compliance with ISO (ICAO) and NIST standards. This ensures that the enrollment process can be conducted in a wide range of locations (from embassies and hospitals to rural locations), even if the local infrastructure is poor.

This is crucial for customers who need a system rigorous enough to continue functioning even without connection to a central or regional database, under difficult lighting conditions and with non-standard workflows (extra supervisory checks, etc.). High-durability cases can also be ordered when the equipment is intended for harsh environments.

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