At Veridos, we secure trusted identities for everyone by delivering holistic solutions to governments and their citizens. Our business success is based on us acting in a manner that builds trust and is moral and responsible.

The principles of good governance, compliance with national and international laws and directives, as well as acting in accordance with our values, form the basis for our trust-based collaboration with our customers and for our reputation as a company. With both our compliance and data management systems as well as the Veridos Code of Conduct, we anchor integrity and lawful action in our company and our business relationships. As a values-driven company, we align our financing but also our investments and business models with sustainable criteria.

Compliance and Integrity

Responsible governance, legal compliance and integrity are the foundation of what we do. Our Veridos Code of Conduct serves as a point of reference for legally compliant and correct conduct in everyday work. Our Group-wide Compliance Management System (CMS) helps us to comply with laws, identify risks and problems, and look into legal breaches. Concerns can also be reported anonymously via our whistleblowing tool. Find out more on our Compliance pages. Our goal is for Veridos to remain a trusted company, and to strengthen it in this position. Responsible management as well as the integrity of all employees play a crucial role in this.

Our goals:

We will continue regular training of employees, maintenance and constant further development of our Compliance Management System, and our zero-tolerance approach towards corruption.

Human rights & responsible supply chains

The observance and protection of human rights are part of our core values and for us are a component of responsible governance. In our Code of Conduct, we have committed ourselves to complying with nationally and internationally applicable principles and standards. For us this includes, among other aspects, the UN General Declaration of Human Rights as well as the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. It is our aspiration that human rights are maintained in all our subsidiaries and are also observed by our suppliers. We aim to determine human-rights-related risks in our supply chains and eliminate or minimize them. This approach is not only in line with legal requirements but also our own understanding of our values.

Our goals:

Based on our CMS, we introduce a Management System to ensure compliance with duties of care concerning human rights within the supply chain.

Data Privacy

Within the topic of Corporate Digital Responsibility, we feel particular obligations in the area of data privacy and data security – with respect to our employees and business partners, but also primarily to our customers. We have established a global data management system, with the goal of implementing standardized data privacy and data security standards group-wide. set the highest standards for the level of data privacy in the Group.

Our goals:

We want to maintain the existing high level of data privacy by complying with the requirements of the Binding Corporate Rules on an ongoing basis.

Privacy and Cookies:

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