Issuance Strict Checks before Allowing Issuance

Issuance represents a significant challenge as it falls at the intersection of administration, shipping, logistics and quality assurance.

Once a security document has been successfully personalized, it still needs to run through a final gauntlet of checks. This begins with a comprehensive quality check involving a read-out of the chip and comparison of its stored data with the personalization database. The document must also be scanned and compared, either manually or automatically, against the optical personalization record.

Once the document successfully passes the checks, it can either be sent to the recipient’s registered address or notification can be sent that the respective document is ready for pick-up. As an optional added layer of security, a fingerprint scan can also be run at the pickup point for comparison against the fingerprint scan stored in the document’s chip.

Automation to enhance and improve workflow

IMAGO from Veridos not only enables this workflow, it keeps it running smoothly. Once IMAGO Quality Assurance module has been enhanced with readers and extra authorizations, documents can be read and verified directly in IMAGO Issuing Client. The system can also scan and store receipts related to the order of the documents.

IMAGO also supports fingerprint or facial recognition methods directly at the document issuance office. With the Live Capture module for IMAGO, citizens can be verified against their enrolled data in addition to a final check of whether the document is machine readable and complete.

Functional, secure and correctly personalized documents

Regardless of whether the documents are to be mailed or specified for pickup: issuers and citizens alike can be certain that they are receiving a functional, secure and correctly personalized document.

Should a problem nevertheless arise, the IMAGO Issuance client includes a complaint workflow. Depending on the authorization level of the operator, a new process for the personalization or issuance of the document can be initiated.

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