Mobile Driver's License For ease, security and efficiency

Improved identity protection through secure mobile driver’s licenses

Driver’s license issuing authorities have a difficult job. To begin with, issuing authorities today need to find ways to promote and advance public safety and security. Moreover, the pace at which technology is evolving means that issuers have to create a comprehensive driver’s license modernization program that meets the next generation of identification requirements. It is vital that issuing authorities keep abreast of developments as a failure to do so, for example due to uneconomical processes, will in fact also impact and possibly hinder the growth of our society. Smartphones and mobile devices are already at the heart of human life in every corner of the globe. Leveraging these technologies by integrating them into existing driver’s license processes poses a challenge. However, it is certainly a worthwhile venture given the possible returns.

Using smartphones to identify conventional and digital driver’s licenses

Fortunately, Veridos ensures that the challenges mentioned above do not become insurmountable. Our tailored solution allows you to address these obstacles and make the identification process easier, more secure, and more efficient for officers and clients.

Our mobile driver’s license inspection solution helps officers to identify both conventional and digital driver’s licenses by using smartphones. Our intelligent software even recognizes out-of-state or out-of-province licenses. It also guides officers through how to find security elements and check if they are intact, which helps them to distinguish genuine documents from counterfeits, thus increasing public safety and security.

Forgetting your driver's license is a thing of the past

Our mobile driver’s license application for smartphone users supports a convenient and user-friendly interaction between citizens and law enforcement officers. Having your driver’s license on your smartphone - a device that we usually always carry with us – allows you to provide driving credentials and ID without it even leaving your hands. Moreover, officers can verify the genuineness of ID documentation and driving credentials securely and efficiently, with accurate results.

Opening the door to smart services

Veridos’ solution also benefits the private sector, as digital driver’s licenses can also be used on mobile devices to open bank accounts or access age-restricted services. Mobile driver's licenses could speed up a service provider’s internal processes, save time and money, and prevent other problems that accompany weaker means of identification.

Our mobile driver’s license solution also provides access to smart services which afford the user greater freedoms, such as the option to change their address, or use driver’s license renewal services using face-matching technology.

The following criteria guided our design process:

  • Privacy enhancing

  • Secure & resilient

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to use

These come together to provide the following benefits:

  • BYOD (bring your own device) reduces costs

  • Strong cryptography ensures immediate tamper recognition, thus inspiring trust and confidence in the digital driver’s license

  • Freedom to use a trusted and accepted mobile driver’s license everywhere

  • Cost reduction due to the impossibility of identity theft

  • Protection of minors and underage users with secure mobile driver’s license age verification

  • Ability to stay anonymous with privacy control in situations where the driver’s license data is only needed for basic information such as the driver’s age

  • Technology is compatible on all smartphone devices

Do you want to know how Veridos’s mobile driver's license can best suit your needs? Contact us to learn more.

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