Multi-Application Lighten your Wallet, Experience the Future

Today’s digital world has brought with it a blizzard of different cards and other IDs for use with electronic applications.

This is perceived by many users as an annoyance and waste of resources. Multi-application cards can end the hassle: these ID cards combine multiple non-related applications, such as healthcare ID, driver’s license, ID for online authentication and payment on one card. There are almost unlimited possibilities for new use cases.

Open Platform Chipcard Operating System

Veridos’ multi-application solution is based on Java Card Operating Systems which are compliant to the international and open Global Platform and JavaCard Specification. In addition to the broad range of Javacard Applets offered by Veridos, third party applets and even applications developed by the customer can be added to the solution. Global Platform and JavaCard compliance secures the customers’ investments enabling easy transfer of the application to new or other Java Card Operating Systems. Veridos’ offers a full featured SDK for Javacard Applet Development.

Individual solutions meeting individual needs

One key element in successful implementation and acceptance of multi-application cards is insight into national traditions, historical characteristics and the power of personal preferences. In consultation with its customers, Veridos develops tailored national solutions that acknowledge both country-specific factors and international standards. The result is a modern, user-friendly card and system that are nevertheless in compliance with the latest national and international regulations and technological standards.

Combining payment and identification

An use case of multi-application cards which goes way beyond convenience for users is the combination of payment and identification functions on national identity cards. Especially in developing countries, they provide real benefits for society. Equipping national ID cards with payment functionalities allows governments, to ensure that all citizens have a way to deposit, keep funds safe and access funds in a safe and affordable manner. Utilizing the central data base, government can issue a secure eID with payment functionality, which government can then use to distribute social grants and aid. Citizens can also use the eID to pay fees and taxes to government. Payment-enabled identity cards provide a bank account for every citizen and thus help to promote cashless transactions with all their benefits for citizens, governments, public authorities, and banks alike.

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