Kosovo rolls out the world’s first mobile driver’s license

Berlin, February 23, 2018 – The Republic of Kosovo will be the first country in the world to roll out a nationwide mobile driver’s license solution. In the future, Kosovans will be able to use an app to display their driver’s license on their smartphone. Public authorities can verify the license by using a matching app, also available on smartphones. The solution is based on the VeriGO® DriveID mobile driver’s license platform by Veridos, and can be expanded to act as an ID wallet for a variety of different IDs, such as digital identity cards or mobile healthcare cards.

“Mobile driver’s licenses offer our citizens a new level of convenience and data security. It is also the first mobile driver’s license in the world to be implemented throughout an entire country – not as a pilot program but a complete, countrywide roll-out,” explains Flamur Sefaj, the Kosovan Minister of Internal Affairs. He continues: “We have already worked with Veridos to successfully implement several projects, for example, the introduction of ePassports, which were the first European ID documents in the world to support the new Supplemental Access Control protocol. Our mobile driver’s license also recognizes the international standard for driver’s licenses, ISO/IEC 18013, therefore guaranteeing maximum security and universal compatibility with all future ID solutions.”

“Driver’s licenses based on the VeriGO® DriveID platform can be carried on a smartphone, and are therefore always at hand. Law enforcement can verify the mobile driver’s license holder’s identity by accessing corresponding data in the backend system. This makes it practically impossible to counterfeit a mobile driver’s license,” adds Veridos CEO, Hans Wolfgang Kunz.

Verifying a mobile driver’s license is very easy – and always secure. The first step is to start the app, which will display personal information from the backend system on the smartphone. Then the official connects their smartphone to the smartphone on which the mobile driver’s license is shown. And that is all there is to it: at no point do drivers need to hand over their smartphone, and they can trust that only relevant information can be accessed.

Simple peer-to-peer verification is also possible, meaning citizens are also able to check each other’s mobile driver’s licenses.

Please visit www.veridos.com/kosovo-goes-mobile for more information on VeriGO® DriveID and the mobile driver’s license project in the Republic of Kosovo.

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