Macao eID Solution Wins APSCA Radiant Award

Macao, Berlin, December 2, 2015 – The Asia Pacific Smart Card Association, APSCA, has awarded its Radiant Service Award to the Identification Services Bureau, Macao for the project “The Macao Special Administrative Region Resident Identity Card (BIR)”. The eID solution has been delivered by German identity solutions provider Veridos. The Radiant eID Awards are given “to reward end-user organizations that operate public sector identity schemes together with their partners that provide supporting smart technology and identity solutions.” Radiant Awards winners were presented as part of the 11th Asian Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Dhaka.

Elsie U Ao Ieong, Director at the Identification Services Bureau, said: “The Macao SAR Government was the first public body worldwide to switch straight from a contact-based to a contactless card system. Our multifunctional smart ID cards create ultimate security and convenience for its citizens and it is one of the first ID cards supporting electronic signatures with a purely contactless solution. In Veridos, we had a partner who both understood the technological and administrative complexity and was capable to deliver the perfect solution in time and budget.”

The ID solution for the Macao Special Administrative Region consists of a contactless, laser engraved polycarbonate card replacing the old contact card which went live in 2002. The new card is a multi-application JavaCard based on latest standards and specifications. Existing card applications of the former implementation have been upgraded with regard to digital security. The card supports the usage for identification and authentication of the card holder as well as legally binding digital signature functionality in purely contactless mode. It stores biometric data of the bearer such as a photo and fingerprints. In combination with smartphones, the implemented security mechanisms can also be used for a mobile authentication of the card holder. The existing system infrastructure has been updated and now supports the usage of both types of cards in the field.

For Hans Wolfgang Kunz, CEO of Veridos, this award confirms Veridos position as “an innovative technology leader in eID solutions and valuable partner for governments.  The Macao Special Administrative Region Resident Identity Card (BIR) enables sophisticated government-citizens interaction. As well as providing visual and secure electronic proof of identity, the ID card allows citizens to handle dealings with the authorities electronically, saving them time and offering added convenience. BIR was perfectly integrated into the existing infrastructure that had already succeeded in providing eGovernment use cases. The various kiosks systems for an efficient interaction with public authorities allow trouble-free usage independent of the document presented, be it contact based or contactless.”


The Identification Services Bureau is responsible for the overall planning and operation of activities relating to the civil and criminal identification of Macao residents. It issues ID cards and certificates of criminal record, Macao SAR Passports, and other travel permits to Macao residents. It also issues certificates to substantiate the facts stated in official record, and arranges for the registration of non-profit juridical persons in accordance with releavnt laws and regulations.


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