Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 and Applet Suite 4.0: Updates make smartcard solutions from Veridos even more flexible

Berlin, March 8, 2023 – Veridos, a world leading provider of integrated identity solutions, announces the release of new Java-based smartcard software offering. It provides customers a high level of standardization and total freedom when implementing additional applications. With the latest updates, governments can use the new software to further customize their solutions and adapt them to their requirements.

As demand for powerful and versatile electronic identity documents (eID) increases, so does the requirement for new, rapidly available applications built on reliable, certified and secure systems. With the Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 and Applet Suite 4.0 updates, Veridos is launching modular software that offers users a wide range of options and the highest security standards. At the same time, the handling of those solutions remain unchanged, meaning the new versions do not require personalization centers to make any changes.

The new version of Sm@rtCafé Expert relies on a Java-based system, reducing both the effort and cost of making changes and installing further software. Whereas applications previously formed a monolithic unit together with the Card Operating System (COS), the new solution can be extended to include additional applications for individual use cases. In this way, developers can work much more flexibly with the new modular system.

Applet Suite 4.0 provides the technological prerequisites for applications based on Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0. This allows governments to assemble their individually required solutions on a modular basis and then offer them to citizens. Options include applications for electronic signatures or the legitimation of documents for access control, for driver’s licenses, EU electronic health insurance or EU electronic vehicle registration, for customizable eIDs or for EU electronic residence permit. Certifications confirm the solutions meet the highest security standards, including the Common Criteria Certificate 6+ for the Card operating system certified by SGS Brightsight BV based on the NSCIB. Veridos is one of the first vendors to introduce a solution that is also compliant with the Java Card 3.1 standard.

"With the upgrades, as well as the move to a Java-based system, we enable our partners to use a software solution that they can customize and further expand as they see fit," says Marc-Julian Siewert, CEO at Veridos. "They can make changes and innovations much more easily with the new standardization and are thus ideally positioned for the future."

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