Veridos identity solutions prolongs partnership with Macao

Berlin, September 8, 2016 – Veridos is continuing its long-lasting customer relationship with the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region and the DSI (Direccao dos Servicos de Identificacao Macau). Veridos has already been providing Macao with different kinds of components, solutions and services for its renowned ID smart card system since 2002. The solution was even recognized by the APSCA Radiant Award for its smart technology. The Radiant Award highlights the achievements of organizations that operate public sector identity schemes.

Apart from its responsibility for the overall system solution, Veridos will continue to provide Macao with further card deliveries for the coming years. “We are very happy to continue our business relationship with Veridos, who has proven to be a very valuable partner”, says Elsie U Ao Ieong, Director at the Identification Services Bureau in Macao. The Macao Citizen ID card is one of the most sophisticated smartcard ID solutions on the market and was the first of its kind to migrate from contact to purely contactless chip communication. Veridos has signed a framework agreement with the digital security company Gemalto, the subcontractor who will be producing the physical cards that incorporate Veridos’ highly sophisticated chip card operating system software solution. “This decision was made in a bid to benefit our customer and support their interests, so that we can ensure a consistent supply of the cards over the next years,” says Hans Wolfgang Kunz, CEO of Veridos, explaining the thought behind the cooperation. “We signed this framework contract on the basis of our initial work with Trüb AG in 2013, which has since been incorporated by Gemalto. We wanted to continue the good relationship that we established with TRÜB back then”.

The contactless, laser engraved polycarbonate ID cards support card holder identification and authentication as well as legally binding digital signature functionality in purely contactless mode. It stores the bearer’s biometric data, such as a photo and fingerprints. When combined with smartphones, the implemented security mechanisms can also be used as mobile authentication for the card holder. As well as providing secure, visual electronic proof of identity, the ID card allows citizens to handle dealings with the authorities electronically, saving them time and offering added convenience.  

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