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Veridos's chip operating system, Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 is a powerful and flexible solution for all sorts of identity documents. It is based on a well proven Veridos crypto library, which provides strong cryptographic security features to prohibit unauthorized access. Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 has been designed with the highest security requirements in mind and supports the highest level of security certification in addition to Common Criteria for ID documents, including the highest cryptographic security level: EAL 6+.

Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 is a complete product line of Java Card and Open Platform implementations, which comply with

Oracle’s Java Card Specification 3.1 and Global Platform Card Specification 2.3.1

As a Java Card based implementation, the Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 product is a genuine multi application platform which can be the basis for a multitude of different applications governmental eID solutions. All features of the Global Platform 2.3.1 are fulfilled. Authorized Management, Trusted Framework, Trusted Path support for ISD (Issuer Security Domain), SSD (Supplementary Security Domains), Card content extradition and Multiple SCPs (Secure Channel Protocols) are supported as well as Security Domains in concurrent mode, Delegated Management and Logical Channels Advanced memory management features, such as Garbage Collection, Extended Length support complete the outstanding capabilities of this Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 product.

Benefits at a glance

Cost-effective personalization Versatile and easy to implement Highest security levels Family concept
no changeover times for all documents that run on the same chip operating system structure and content management – applets can be easily added state-of-the-art security features to prohibit unauthorized access for multiple kinds of Identity documents

Standardized Product
It is one of the main advantages of the Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 – as compared to native technology smart card implementations – that the product can be ordered in a semi-finished state as a initialized module, die or card and it can be ordered off-the-shelf since this configuration represents a fully standardized product. The loading and personalization of the applications can be done via standardized methods which are public domain knowledge for approved manufacturers throughout the world.

Key Features

  • Methodology: Java Card
  • Security certification: CC EAL6+
  • Personalization keys: card individual keys
  • Specification Java Card spec 3.1 and Global Platform 2.3.1
  • Interface: T=1, T=0 and T=CL Type A/B
  • Asymmetric cryptography: RSA, RSA-CRT and ECC
  • Symmetric cryptography: AES, TDES and SHA
  • User space: Up to 220k
  • Fingerprint matcher: NeuroTechnology (optional)
  • Optional application: ICAO traveler application, eRP, eID, eDL, eVRc, ePKI, ISO Files system

Veridos's eID applet offerings – the right option for your requirements

Applet variants ePass Applet Applet Suite 4.0
Key features compact, off-the-shelf-solution Versatile, interoperable, multiple purpose solution
Product description solution for standard government document applications high-end open Java Card™ platform that supports standard and individual requirements. It can also be used to develop multi-application solutions.
Typical use cases ePassport, eID, EU electronic residence permit driving license, EU electronic health insurance, EU electronic vehicle registration, customizable eID based on the eIDAS token specification, EU electronic residence permit

Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0
Veridos’s Chip Operating System & eID Application

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