Operating Systems & Applications Engineering the Right OS for the Job

The infrastructure involved with issuing electronic personal identification documents is exceptionally complicated.

It necessitates the development of the operating system, applications and relevant cryptographic mechanisms and security features, all based on the current technology standard. In addition, the data acquisition procedures at registration offices and secure data transmission methodology must always meet the latest technology standards.

Focus on modern operating systems

Veridos operating systems are typically native operating systems based on the ISO 7819 standard and are designed to support multi-application systems. They can be deployed in contact-based, contactless and dual interface solutions. In addition, Javacard operating systems based on the Javacard 3.04 and GlobalPlatform 2.2 or higher standards are also possible.

All Veridos operating systems support the SAC, BAC, EAC and PACE authentication protocols defined in the ICAO specification. By request Veridos also offers products featuring a certified qualified signature application.

Tailored installations

Veridos flows its experience and expertise as a leading international consultancy into all processes related to operating system and applications. Each performance module is fitted within the overall integrated system solution.

Veridos places a preference on operating systems and applications with a proven record as security leaders. None of its products are off-the-shelf, however. Veridos instead tailors each OS implementation and its applications to match the complete scope of international security standards and certifications.

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