Passport Booklets Chips to Prevent Fake Passports

Passport forgery and the counterfeiting of complete passports are a gateway to a wide range of illegal activities.

International security strategy relies on preventing persons from traveling with a false identity or using documents not issued by the official authorities. As a result, there has been a trend away from less secure machine-readable standard passports toward higher-security electronic passports. These ‘e-passports’ are fitted with a chip containing the biometric data of its owner, giving enhanced protection against counterfeiting and forgery.

But many forward-looking countries are not stopping there. They are also pushing for enhanced optical security features that are easy to identify in the field.

State-of-the-art security features for all 3 verification levels

Veridos has responded to this challenge with its high-security passports. These documents meet the highest security and quality standards and are outfitted with state-of-the-art security features for all 3 verification levels. Each variant – a paper-based data page designed for inkjet personalization and a PC data page for laser engraving — is available as a 32 or 64-page booklet.

The optional INFACIO® security feature, a full-color UV portrait as an additional verification of the holder’s photo, is available in both document variants.

Trusted names in paper and booklet production

Veridos has harnessed its long-standing expertise in printing and booklet manufacture to provide 100% ICAO-compliant passports. All major steps within the value chain for the production of passports are handled by Veridos and its parent companies, from conception, design and paper production to printing and booklet finishing within a secure and certified environment.

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