Passport & Border Control Solutions

Border controls are of crucial importance to national security and sovereignty. Veridos offers a variety of passport and border control solutions to eliminate errors and secure borders without inconveniencing citizens and welcome visitors.


Modern travel documents are expected to thread the needle: secure and reliable yet also convenient, unobtrusive and efficient. Veridos works with 3rd generation electronic passport solutions that cover the entire process, from enrollment and document generation to data management and public key infrastructure (PKI), personalization and document usage or border controls.



Highly secure visas are an effective way to promote secure borders and faster processing. Veridos supports personalized visas with a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), ICAO-compliant photos, myriad enhancements and effective backend data management to harden borders without antagonizing trusted travelers.


Border Management

Governments around the world face the tricky task of streamlining border checkpoints for citizens and law-abiding guests, while still securing themselves against unwanted entrants. The solutions from Veridos establish an effective and reliable cordon, without overburdening legitimate travel.


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