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Berlin, 11 April 2024 - Latvia's new electronic passport has won the "Regional ID Document of the Year Award" at the Reconnaissance High Security Printing (HSP) EMEA 2024 industry conference. The award-winning passport is equipped with innovative security features from Veridos and contains a color photo as primary image of the passport holder.

Berlin, 21 February 2024 – Veridos, a leading global provider of identity solutions, has delivered state-of-the-art ePassports to Latvia in collaboration with the Portuguese state printer INCM. The ID documents, which for the first time include Veridos' innovative security features CLIP ID Echo, Amber ID, Diamond ID and Spectre ID, are among the highest quality ePassports in Europe and are now available to Latvian citizens.

Berlin, February 14, 2024 - For the fifth year in a row, Veridos is providing innovative access control technology for the Munich Security Conference, which will take place at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof from February 16 to 18, 2024. In addition to convenient walk-through portals, the security concept includes the latest generation of access cards. A specially developed app for smartphones is also available as an option.   

Berlin, 31 January 2024 - Veridos, a global leader in identity solutions, is delivering the new state-of-the-art Macau Electronic ID (MEID) to the Macau Special Administrative Region and implementing a new centralized personalization as well as a new Card Application Management System (CAMS). For the first time in the world, the generation of ID cards will include the new Lumen ID Echo security feature, which integrates an enhanced CLIP ID color photo in the window area of the ID card.

Berlin, 20 december 2023 - Around one billion people worldwide do not have a legal identity. This is often due to the fact that their birth is not registered at all. Veridos, the world's leading provider of integrated identity solutions, is calling on all stakeholders to continue their commitment to universal birth registration.

Berlin, 5 December 2023 – Veridos, a leading global provider of identity solutions, and the Department of Immigration & Passport (DIP) of Bangladesh have written a success story with the introduction of new ePassports. The large-scale project, which started in 2018, includes not only new travel documents, but also the development of the entire value chain in the South Asian country.

In ID documents, digitization is making impressive progress thanks to integrated chips,  machine learning and the usage of artificial intelligence.

With simplified border controls, countries can achieve more than just ensuring good neighborly relations. They can also reap tangible economic benefits.

VeriGO MobileTravel Assist app transfers e-passport data to your phone for travel registration, visa applications, and healthcare info.

Half a century ago, Veridos and Matsoukis began their partnership and evolved into a leading global manufacturer of identity documents – Veridos Matsoukis.

Veridos, a world leading provider of integrated identity solutions, announces the release of new Java-based smartcard software offering.

Veridos is once again supplying the technological solution for access control at the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

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