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In ID documents, digitization is making impressive progress thanks to integrated chips,  machine learning and the usage of artificial intelligence.

With simplified border controls, countries can achieve more than just ensuring good neighborly relations. They can also reap tangible economic benefits.

VeriGO MobileTravel Assist app transfers e-passport data to your phone for travel registration, visa applications, and healthcare info.

Half a century ago, Veridos and Matsoukis began their partnership and evolved into a leading global manufacturer of identity documents – Veridos Matsoukis.

Veridos, a world leading provider of integrated identity solutions, announces the release of new Java-based smartcard software offering.

Veridos is once again supplying the technological solution for access control at the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

Veridos has acquired a majority stake in NetSeT Global Solutions. The acquisition strengthens Veridos' position as a full-service provider of integrated identity solutions.

Veridos announces it has entered into a strategic partnership with biometrics expert Innovatrics and its leading ABIS database, taking Veridos’ holistic VeriDNA solution for civilian use of DNA IDs to the next level.

Sophisticated, reliable eID card and electronic passport production supports Iraq’s emerging society and caters to the digital demands of its growing young population

Veridos unveils its innovative security features specifically targeting the transparent window areas: Amber ID, Diamond ID and Spectre ID.

Veridos will deliver 1.25 million latest-generation ePassports to Latvia. The cooperation also includes a central personalization system and service and maintenance over a five-year period.

One billion people still have no legal identity and are thus excluded from the opportunities of the modern world.

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