Manitoba Public Insurance Driver's License System

Manitoba Public Insurance Driver License System

The Manitoba Public Insurance's Driver License System required a much-needed refresh as the existing Driver License was not capable of meeting future security standards. They required a new Driver License and Identification Card that incorporated laser engraving on a Polycarbonate Substrate. The contract would require manufacturing, printing and fulfillment of cards from a secure central issuance facility.

MPI had been using a plastic card. They wanted to move to a more secure card body, with a range of security features and options that could be configured by industry experts to meet current and future regulatory and legislative requirements.

Veridos North America provided the scope of services, including card manufacturing, card personalization, card fulfillment, sourcing of card carriers, protective sleeves, activation labels, buck-slips and envelopes for both the Province of Manitoba Driver License (regular and enhanced) and the Identification Card (regular and enhanced).

The target audience for this product was all Permanent Residents of Manitoba (~1.3 million), including the highest percentage of Aboriginal communities among Canada's provinces, as well as frequent border-crossers needing an EDL card, meeting international border standards.

Veridos North America has worked with MPI to provide multiple phases and emerging programs in a complex, evolving environment. This project illustrates Veridos North America’s ability to work with clients to provide client and customer satisfaction over time, mitigating risk and keeping costs down while providing an emerging technology solution.

Key facts

  • Secure card production services
  • All steps, from manufacturing to mailing services
  • Provide consultation and partnership to provide “ground up” design and development of a cutting-edge program
  • Design and Security Consultation for the Manitoba Driver License, Enhanced Driver License, Manitoba Identification and Enhanced Identification cards for non-drivers
  • Enhanced DL design to be used for border crossing between Canada and the US (similar to a passport card)
  • Ongoing consultation and guidance on national and international standards and security
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery and Implementation, Project Management

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