Mexico: supporting secure and reliable elections

Mexico: Supporting secure and reliable elections More than 74 million voter ID cards for voter’s identification.

Centered around one of the most important human rights available to mankind, the right to vote, Voter ID cards serve the crucial purpose of verification during elections and it is used as the main identification in Mexico. As counterfeit identification and the threat of identity theft become imminent, identity protection and accurate verification are of great importance, especially for national security.

Veridos is delighted to support the United Mexican States, currently the world’s 11th largest economy in the world, in the implementation of highly-secure voting identification documents for their citizens. This integrated identity solution consists of both production and personalization of documents, including security design and printing.

Protecting the identity of citizens living in the country and abroad

With a population of 132 million, Mexico is the 10th most populated country in the world. Veridos will be able to provide this project with expertise and the right solution that enable a smoother production and verification process.

Moreover, with 12 million Mexicans living outside their country, Veridos will deliver a safe service to foster protected delivery of voter cards no matter where they live. This security envelope will be used to send Mexicans across the world their voting ID documents.

On the basis of a long-standing partnership between Instituto Nacional Electoral and Veridos, this project will not only enhance the security of voter identification cards and national security but also protect identities of the citizens of Mexico.

Veridos’ unique tamper-proof solution

At a production rate of 90,000 ID cards per day, the local production plant will have the capability to print high-resolution identity documents that include both forensic and details that are invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, two QR codes that contain biographic and biometric information about the citizen located on the ID card adding another layer of security.

State-of-the-art security features and verification

Multiple security features make these identity documents secure and give them the ability to be verified quickly and accurately. Additionally, these features make the Voter ID cards extremely difficult to forge.
14 high resolution, 12,800 DPI, preprinted security features on the card; each carefully designed by Veridos’ security design center who use a software that is used to design currency notes. A Computer to Plate and press with the capability to print detailed security patterns in such high resolution This background is very difficult to forge. Each ID will be made of Teslin with UV Fibers; a material that is waterproof, durable and long-lasting.

Two encrypted QR codes that contain biographic and biometric information about the citizen provide another layer of verification. Once the QR code is scanned, a smartphone-based application will read the biographic information (first) and then the biometric information (second stage) so that the information can be verified. Moreover, adding QR codes to an ID document enables fast and accurate confirmation of identity.

Furthermore, the new contract will include the destruction and recycling of scrap material. All the material from the personalization plant will be destroyed and reused to build concrete slabs for schools, basketball courts, and other purposes. Recycling waste inhouse ensures that the waste can be efficiently used in ways that can benefit the community.

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Key facts


  • Partnership with INE has already started in 2013, new contract awarded in 2019
  • Delivery of more than 74 million Voter ID cards
  • Personalization site to produce 90,000 ID cards a day
  • Special service for Mexicans abroad
  • Includes a scrap material recycling process

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