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Secure digital identities involve multiple parties using innovative technology in numerous use cases. Taken together they comprise a digital identity ecosystem built on trust and collaboration. Check out our infographic for information on the current and future advantages of eGovernment services.

Why airlines and airports are increasingly turning to biometric alternatives to lure back passengers, who prefer digital interaction.

The coronavirus has changed the world of travel, implementing border management under additional stress amid a myriad of varying entry restrictions. Emerging biometric technologies can ensure safe travel and provide fast, accurate identity verification for governments.

September 16 is Identity Day. And today we will put a spotlight on Africa, home to half of the 1 billion people in the world who do not have a secure legal identity – yet.

Our world is fast turning digital. Yet physical documents remain a key means of identification. And one that needs to be made resistant to forgery. Color photos on polycarbonate represent the next evolution in secure ID documents.

eGovernment solutions are gaining traction in a world that is increasingly going digital.  Secure certification of COVID test results and vaccinations may be the keys needed to unlock the “new normal”.

Digital identity documents will continue to be a companion to their physical counterparts.  Meanwhile, what steps have already been taken towards document digitalization?

Governments always need to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters. But how is this possible? Innovative technology solutions to fight the growing threat of identity theft could be the answer.

Facial recognition represents the future of border control. But how can we embrace facial verification methods that focus on data privacy?

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