How to maximize passport and ID card design and security at the same time in 6 steps

How to maximize passport and ID card design and security at the same time in 6 steps Physically appealing and fraud-resistant: producing the ideal identity document

Designing an identity document that looks appealing yet securely resists sophisticated counterfeiting attacks is an increasingly essential part of identity security management. Producing an identity document with a contemporary, professional appearance boosts public confidence in the document’s security and reliability, acting both as a showcase for the issuing government agency and also as a source of pride for the ID holder. At the same time, the ID needs to include effective safeguards against various threats throughout the identification lifecycle.

These threats include counterfeiting, when the document is completely reproduced; alteration, where fraudsters change data in a legitimate document; misuse of a passport belonging to someone who looks similar; stealing an original document; or recycling, namely including genuine data but then substituting or leaving out pages in fraudulent documents.

Fortunately, there are six crucial steps to counter these attacks and produce a highly secure identity document with an attractive design.

"In a world where identity security is paramount, Veridos remains dedicated to crafting identity documents that are not only secure, compliant, and counterfeit-proof but also visually appealing. Our goal is to create works of art that symbolize both national identity and personal pride, while maintaining the highest levels of protection against fraud and counterfeiting."

Holger Hugo, Head of Product Management at Business Line IDOC

Step one: Combine highest security materials in a unique combination

Carefully selected security elements should encompass diverse and special technologies, rare materials, and processes requiring in-depth expertise. This unique combination protects an identity document’s security features.  

Step two: Make a difference with cross-functional security features

A single security feature is never enough to provide all of the necessary security. Therefore, a passport’s security is optimized when several different security elements are combined and connected in one single document. Selecting the right number and combination of different cross-functional security levels is critical in terms of balancing security,

providing ease of verification and extending the document’s anti-counterfeiting capabilities.

In fact, using different combined production techniques renders counterfeiting impossible. The key is to use technologies that are difficult to obtain and copy, such as security paper with a watermark and security thread, as well as security inks sold only to registered printers.

Step three: Use citizens’ biographical data for maximum security

The secure personalization of citizen data maximizes an identity document’s level of security. Repeating personalization elements, such as the holder’s image, date of birth, or other biographical data within security features at different security levels makes it extra resistant to any fraud and counterfeiting attempts.


What are the security features in an identity document?

Step four: Connect all security elements into a single, strong document

Combining all of the elements into a single, strong document means that the document can’t be split and the information can’t be tampered with or manipulated without leaving easily traceable evidence. When it comes to security features, less equals more. Ideally, an ID needs to be simple to authenticate to maximize efficiency for officials, such as at border control.  

Step five: Ensure data security using electronic components

Integrating chips into an identity document introduces a highly reliable component in the fight against fraud and forgery. Only information signed by the issuing authority’s certificate and stored in the chip is recognized as trustworthy.

In this way, any attempts at tampering are immediately identified and the data involved is recognized as compromised. This guarantees the highest levels of security, as well as unique, accurate and up-to-date data storage.

Step six: Mix artwork and security for attractive design

Creating a coherent and harmonious design provides a flagship identity document for any issuing authority and makes citizens proud to be the holder of such a document.

Clients can choose colors, styles and their own country-specific design for an aesthetically pleasing product containing various security elements. An ideal balance of security elements is even more effective when the information is repeated across different documents such as passports, ID cards, driver's licenses and residence permits, thereby making data easier to detect and recognize. Meanwhile, shared design features increase people’s appreciation for the products. This also makes it easier for authorities to verify the document’s authenticity.

At Veridos, our experts in design and engineering support governments by designing the most secure and attractive identity documents. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities and as our expertise as a producer, we manufacture documents that are secure, compliant with established standards, counterfeit-proof, durable and, of course, easy and reliable to verify in both the real and the virtual worlds.

Working with our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We support governments around the world to create unique identity documents that become works of art and symbols of pride in the hands of millions


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