Taking document anti-counterfeiting to a whole new, unprecedented level

Taking document anti-counterfeiting to a whole new, unprecedented level New series of innovative features meet governments expectations on high security and anti-counterfeiting

Banknotes and identity documents have more in common than you might think. As both are exposed to constant competition from counterfeiters, it is only logical that both industries work together to combat them. Veridos' sister company, Papierfabrik Louisenthal, recognized this in 2005 and developed varifeye® to enable transparent features in banknotes. Since then, the European Central Bank introduced such features in euro banknotes in 2013, with other central banks following suit shortly thereafter.

Adapting security features for use in identity documents is a win-win situation. The proliferation of transparent features in banknotes increases familiarity with the technology and makes it easier for those processing passports and ID cards to verify documents with the same elements. Window features are quick and effortless to see in daylight, without the need of aids. Anyone checking the integrity of a document can clearly detect tampering attempts, as any attempt to disturb the inseparable transparent and opaque components leaves clear, destructive marks. Transparent features are incredibly versatile in terms of shape and position on the document, and can also be combined with additional security features for maximum impact.


Cutting-edge window security features

Veridos has many years of experience with transparent elements and has offered various security features since its infancy. Naturally, Veridos is pleased to add the following features to its window technologies.

In collaboration with Papierfabrik Louisenthal, Veridos has developed Amber ID. By incorporating golden metallic pigments into the polycarbonate material of data pages or ID cards, the color changes to a bright green when tilted, with brilliant personalization. Amber ID takes document anti-counterfeiting to a whole new, unprecedented level.

Under UV light, Diamond ID appears shiny, strong and bright, while it is invisible under daylight – perfect for clearly identifying dubious documents. Diamond ID reveals its full beauty when combined with Spectre ID, a spectacular motion effect with customizable motifs that shows continuous movement when tilted.

ID security design at the heart of the process at Veridos

Given the incredible flexibility and effectiveness, there will be always advancement in the areas of window features in passports and ID cards. The customers of Veridos benefit from their extensive experience and support to help them meet their expectations for distinctive identity documents that are as secure as they are artistic.

Collaboration with clients is at the heart of the process at Veridos, and in-house experts look forward to incorporate the best practices in ID security design. To deliver high-quality identity documents to customers, Veridos combines the knowledge of dedicated engineering teams with close collaboration and consultation with security experts and forensic laboratories.

Veridos' transparent window protection features clearly:

– have impressive durability

– meet the highest security requirements

– are securely tamper-proof

– meet the highest aesthetic standards

– have a high degree of versatility

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